Jack with dad’s new (old) film camera – Nikon F-801 SLR

I bought this recently on ebay, it is a Nikon F-801 SLR, it came with the 35-70mm Nikon Lens and 3 rolls of B&W film.  I also found a few out of date rolls of colour film lying about.  I thought I would give film photography a bash, as cameras like this can be bought for pennies nowadays.  Anyway, Jack took an immediate interest in the camera, clicking away then looking at the back of the camera to see his freshly taken picture.  Unfortunately this one doesn’t work like daddy’s other camera.  You could see him enjoying it though as it makes a loud whirring noise as it tries to focus and wind the film on.  Here are a few shots of a future photographer in the making.  I will try post some photos I take with it to see how I fair with this old school machine.

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