Jack planting Tulip bulbs

Some photographs of Jack planting his Tulip bulbs this morning.  The bulbs and mini builders gloves came all the way from Amsterdam courtesy of Auntie Lynn.  Also check out his new Converse trainers.. Cool or what.

Below is a simple 15 step guide to planting….. by Jack.

1. Put builders gloves on and scoop some soil

2. Place scooped soil into plant pot

3. repeat step 2 until pot is full

4. Large scoops may be required.

5. Check with mummy to see if scooping is up to standard

6. Check carried out – All OK.

7. Carefully place Tulip bulbs in pot correct way up.

8. Carefully pat soil down

9.  Cover with some more soil

10. Water planted bulbs.. this could take a while

11. Bring out the big gun watering can.. easy peasy..

12. Now chillax and admire finished work..

13. Make dad some sausages & cupcakes out of sand

14. Look cool

15. Check out the new Cons


2 thoughts on “Jack planting Tulip bulbs

  1. These must be winter tulips he’s planting?…but making a great job of it. You must bring him over here to Somerset to help us with our daff plantings in November.
    Just love his new dapps.

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