Easter at Maddybennys, Portrush..

We have had the pleasure of going to Maddybennys holiday cottage which is just outside Portrush over the Easter break.  Great weather so we went to Portrush today to enjoy the sun.

The clan enjoying the sun at the cottage.

Jack and dad on the see-saw.

Normski on Jack’s balance bike

Jack on the see-saw


Jack at the West Strand in Portrush.

Better get the suncream on..

Running to the sea..

Playing footie.


Just chillaxin in the sand..

Give me a go on that bad boy..

A spot of lunch at 55 North

I think I’m being followed..

I think I lost him..

Now I’ll try my hand at flying..  permission for fly-by..

Back to the beach;

Bump progressing well..

More playing in the sand..

Peacock on the roof at Maddy Bennys


We have only been here 2 days!!!..

Camera info:

All shot with my Nikon D90, Sigma 18-50mm f2.8, Nikon 70-210 f4 and Nikon SB-800 on camera set to TTL.

3 thoughts on “Easter at Maddybennys, Portrush..

  1. Maddy Bennys sounds like some mad pub! Bit like Dirty Nellies in Limerick?

    Great photos and the bump looks well…as do you all. See what a spot of sunshine does for the people of Norn Irn.

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