Last day of the Easter Holidays

Well, it had to happen.  My Easter holidays ran out.  A few pics from yesterday of a quick walk to towards Hazelbank park.  As you can see it was rather windy!! which made it quite cold.  Jack seemed happy enough sitting in the buggy wrapped in blankets watching me throw stones!!

He seems happy enough!!

I’m throwing them for Jack, honest!!


One thought on “Last day of the Easter Holidays

  1. Yes, it did turn chilly these past few days…we haven’t had rain for over 6 weeks and the farmers here ( Somerset) are getting the Morris dancers out to do some rain dancing! Loads of mussels on the beach there and you should enquire from the health department as to wether they would be safe to eat….moules marnier and a nice bottle of chablis… hmmmm!
    Are the ostyer catchers still there…black and white birds with red legs and a long red bill.

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