A typical Sunday morning

It all starts with getting up early and then having lots of fun, as shown below. This is only up to lunchtime!! Jack is now in bed having a power nap while I’m typing this.  We are then off to Gran’s and Va-vee’s for dinner..

It all starts with..

Some playing with dad’s iphone..

Some lightning McQueen stickers

Some telly..

Playing with cars..

Trying to get the lens cap on while dad it taking a picture..

Definitely a Nikon man..

More cars..

Lined up and ready for racing..

A spot of fishing anyone?

Some twirling..

Now onto paper aeroplanes

Hiding..  Boo..

Tada.. Ouch, paper plane in the eye..

Now, I’ve just got to throw it into the light..   Job done..

Time for a power nap..

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