DIY Rosco Gel Holder

Rosco Gel Holder

I recently bought a set of Rosco Strobist coloured gels.  I had the gels that came with my SB-800 but never really used them much as I found the CTO gel too strong in most cases and I also wanted to try different colours with my flash.

SB-800 and Rosco Stobist Collection.

The Rosco gels measure 84 x 38mm, which covers the head of the SB-800 but doesn’t leave much to spare to fasten it on.  I found a couple of DIY holders online but decided to do a quick write up of my own version as shown below.

Holder on top of SB-800

I have also drawn a template out for anyone who fancies a go, just print the PDF on an A4 sheet of paper at 100% (don’t scale to fit) and then place a sheet of acetate over the top stick it the paper with some sellotape and then cut out either with a scalpel or pair of scissors. Then fold the holder into itself at the points shown on the drawing.  Push into the top of the SB-800 and slide your gel in from the side, the gel sticks out each side so you can change it when needed.

Preview of template

Link for Template below

Rosco Gel Holder

Gel installed

Get halfway through a swap.

The other great thing is that the holders (I have made 2 so far) fold up and fit into the box that the gels came in, which keeps it all together for when you need want to use them.

Any questions just ask..


12 thoughts on “DIY Rosco Gel Holder

  1. Hi Adam, I ran across your excellent post a few weeks ago. I just made a holder using your template and some .020 acetate. This is thicker than you used. Although it is a tight fit, I can insert the smaller tab into the upper side of the flash, but I don’t see how you intend to attach the lower tab – there is no opening at the bottom edge of the flash. I’m thinking I’ll just put a small velcro dot on the underneath side of the flash and attach the lower tab there. But I’m curious how you did yours. Thanks for sharing your idea with us – it is so much better than the others I have tried.

  2. Doh, I see now – just make the bottom fold so the lower tab folds completely back against the middle portion to form the “holder”.

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