BBQ at Galway Towers

We went to Claire & Ross’ for a BBQ this evening along with the Semples, good food and fun, Jack and Jude had a ball, swapping cars and bouncing all over Claire’s house!!

Playing with Claire’s candles!! hmm


Nice Bailey..

Jack playing with Jude’s pliers..

Give them back!!

Shoes off..


And bounce!!

Cheeky Monkeys

Ross in charge of the BBQ..


Jude hammering a coaster to the wall

Preggers Ash..

Galway setting the place on fire..

Jude singing with a torch..

aaahhhhh, Indian head massager..

Women be gabbing..

Boys brumming cars..

Boys losing cars..

Winding down time..

Time for bed..

Bye Bailey..

All in all a good evening, same again next week?


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