Jack turns three..

photographs from today of Jacks 3rd birthday. It was a very busy day, but lots of fun.  Thanks to everne for all Jacks lovely presents..

What is it?

A HUGE number 3..

first present..

Ella watching in the background..

Woo Hoo, a football..

and goal posts..

And a slide..

A quick test run before breakfast..

Smile.. It’s your birthday..

Group hug..

hmm, I wonder will my cars go down it?

A quick power nap for the little lady..

more pressies from Rach..


The cake, this year we made a the Pingu Trilogy..

Ella with Ash’s homemade hat.. snug fitting?

Cake time..

3/4’s of team McAteer..


Eating poor Pingu..

Where’s Pingu’s head?  aaahhhhh..

Cooking up a storm..

Phew… a busy day.. to finish a busy weekend.. It’s our 6th wedding anniversary too!!! time for bed me thinks..

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