Christmas has arrived!!

Some photos from this evening of the McAteer’s putting up their Christmas tree..

A quick shot of the sunrise from this morning.. They are always good in December.

Ready for action..


Hey, whats this?

Santa, please stop here..

Look mum Santa..

Now a snowman..

Lovely McAteers..

My lovely pair..

Watching Elf and helping with the lights!!

Lights on the tree..

Jack helping..

Ash doing her bit..

All done..

Check out Jacks grouping of the decorations.. He said it’s because they were friends..

Phew, time for a cuppa..

2 thoughts on “Christmas has arrived!!

  1. Lovely photographs and getting us all nicely into the Christmas spirit. Like the christmas tree lights…now make a bokeh filter out of a piece of black card, cut a star shape in the centre, attach to the front of the lens and shoot again. Should turn out nice for you.
    Love the snow effect…clever bugger. This time last year you were all under real snow if my memory serves me right!

    See you next week.

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