Family fun at Ballycarry

We all had a great day down at mum’s house this afternoon. Mum had all the family down for a family dinner.. The weather was perfect and everyone had fun, especially Jack..

First up, a quick run on the KTM..

Now on the back..

Now that’s what I call a run up..

Everyone watching..

Refreshment break..

Carla and Ella..

Now Kirst gets a cuddle..

Now Auntie Lorna..

Now gran..

Uncle Steve keeping cool with Bucks fizz

The ladies

Carla  v happy after getting her shift swapped..

Now some boiled eggs.. must get more energy..

Sharon in the sun..

The boys..

New shoes?

Smile, your on camera..

Tropical weather..

Lynn, Ivan and bump..

Chasing dad..

Still going after dinner..

On the way home..

Phew, I think everyone will sleep tonight.. All in all a superb day.. the sunny weather is great.. British summertime has definitely arrived..

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