Eggcellent Easter

Up early this morning painting eggs..

Jack painting a dinosaur egg..

And a blue one..

Ella and me having fun..

Now back to work..

Ash on the job..

Jack’s all finished..

Don’t let a 3 1/2 year old swing a paintbrush!!!

The perfectionist..

All done..


Happy that were finished..


Mater from “Cars”

Jessie from “toy Story”

Flowery back..

Check out the spikes on the Stegasaurus

Playing with Easter balloons

3 thoughts on “Eggcellent Easter

  1. Nice eggs…Tell Jack that I like the dinosaur eggs best. Eggosaurus Rex is my favourite. Thought you might have done a Buzz Lightyolk! Looks like you all had great fun and Ella was showing great interest in all the goings on. Happy Easter all.

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