Easter egg hunt at Gran’s

We all went down to Gran’s house today for an Easter egg hunt.. Little did we know that Auntie Sharon would have hidden 12 eggs around the garden!!

Lets go..

PS. that is an Easter basket, not a handbag!!!

No you can’t have any..

OK, maybe a carrot

Ah ha, found one..

And another..

Doing alright..

And another..

And another..

Even Ella has one..

Maybe in here..

Check it out..

Mum and Jack counting them..

Jack has to try one first, just to be on the safe side..

Get off Stephen..

The whole gang congratulating Ivan and Lynn on the Birth of baby Erin today..

Congrats guys..

I shot these with the wee Lumix GF1, hence the strange 16:9 ratio..

2 thoughts on “Easter egg hunt at Gran’s

  1. WHAT!? Are those the Wonder Balls candy? I’ve always wanted to go on an egg hunt. But the one he got to do seem awesome! The closest I got to egg hunting was in 4th grade when my teacher hide eggs with homework passes around the classroom.

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