Crawfordsburn fun in the sun

It’s great being off work, so much to do and it always helps when the weather is good. It was 10.5C today, double figures means summer time!!! so off to Crawfordsburn for a picnic this morning..

Setting up camp McAteer.. Seriously, all this for 2 hours of fun!!

It’s a bit choppy..

The girls watching base camp..

The boys digging holes..

Jack posing for the Next catalogue..

Stage 1 of fort McAteer complete..

Ella getting fed..

Check out Ash’s hair..

Hello from the beach..

Stage 2 commencing, operation “water to the fort”

Oh no, here comes the sea..

Ella posing..

Now for double trouble..

Dad cuddles..

Mum cuddles..

Now time for footie..

The old McAteer magic..

OK, maybe not too magic!!

Ash’s turn..

Back at ya mum..



Now for some fruit..

Playing monster trucks on the beach..

Double thumbs up..

Phew, all that before 2pm.. I’m knackered..

4 thoughts on “Crawfordsburn fun in the sun

  1. Again a nice set of photos Adam. Like the one of Ella having a go at the apple… Are you using flash on or off the camera for the kiddie shots…effective. 1/4 power?

  2. That last photo looks like Crawfordsburn House which used to be the TB recuperation centre for the NI Health Authority back in the 50s….plenty of sea air to do the lungs good! Later became a geriatric hospital and I think now has been developed into private residential units. Remember it from my old scouting days when we ( 48th Belfast ) used to camp in the Crawfordsburn Scout Camp.

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