Adam’s Birthday

Ok so I have been given the job of ‘chief photographer’ today to give adam the ‘day off’ on his birthday!  Lets hope I am up to scratch!!

Birthday hugs and presents after daddy’s lie-in

Jack showing off our master piece card and Ella working out how to get her hands on ripping off the paper!!

Some heaving lifting in this present!

Oooohhhh a greenhouse….just what I wanted 🙂

Ha ha I managed it…

Say cheese for mummy

Adam was quite shocked that I remembered how to use xara…..not just a pretty face!

Jack’s picture of his Daddy 🙂 He obviously takes after his mummy…very talented!

Clean plates after my scruptiuous cooked brekkie…thumbs up!

Adam laughing at me (ok so I had my finger over the flash and couldn’t work out how to zoom…not bad results for an amateur!)

Yummy Ella smiles 🙂

Jack’s toy ‘Ernie the Bug’ making us laugh

More yummy smiles…

Adam’s custom made cake by our very special friend Claire Galway (Cakes a go-go)  The car was for Jack…huge spolier, twin pipes and a bonnet scoop!  Oh dear is our son a car fanatic already??

We headed down to Ballycarry for dinner…this is where you find the boys ANYTIME…Ivan’s toy shed….sorry I meant Garage!

Jack in the middle of it….I wonder where the car fanatic in him comes from?  Alice and Aunt Helen had come to visit too.  Check out those curls!

Lets play chasies….

Lots of squealing…

Baby Erin tired out 🙂  Larry and Lynn talking stags…very important stuff!

Daddy’s and daughters 🙂 and whirlwind Jack!!

Jack wanting to join in the fun

My adorable family 🙂

So Happy birthday Adam and Ivan…I hope you both had a good day in that toy shed of yours.  And relax…..I think I shall leave the blogging to Adam again.  Kinda takes a long time plus I don’t get the nice surprise of looking through the photos.  Ash McAteer signing off 🙂

3 thoughts on “Adam’s Birthday

    • Thank you thank you….couldn’t be letting the side down! I quite enjoyed it however, wouldn’t be wanting the responsibility too often! Cake was great wasn’t it…claire has become very talented at them! Xox

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