Fun in the sun

We have had decent weather all week, which doesn’t happen very often in Northern Ireland and it even lasted until the weekend!! So outside they go..

Under cover of course, us Northern Irish folk aren’t used to sun..

Jacks sunflower, beating my ones by a good bit.. grrr

Some mixed salad leaves..

Hi ya..

I’m coming to get ya.. If only she would crawl, that position is about as far as she gets..

Jack playing angry birds..

Now in the sand table..

Hmm, whats in here?

Jacks poor legs and arms..

Ella making a list of stuff needing done in prep for the house move..

Now lego cars in the water..

Mum and Ella..

Don’t mess with Jack, this is what happens!!!

Get them cleaned up..

Ella ready to go to Nana & Papa’s

Firing rockets with Ellie..

Time for a paddle..

Ella smiling at Ellie..

Now eating a baby wipe!!

She has learnt to wave on demand this week..

Good fun day and we also got some packing done when they were both at D&N’s.. Same again tomorrow?

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