Jack’s 4th Birthday Party

Although Jack isn’t 4 until Wednesday 22nd, he was having his birthday party today.. So it all started off with a small pressie from mum and dad..

What is it?

A batman / superman set..

Just get these cuffs on..

Now the mask..

All set for action..

He even got a batman watch..

Superhero’s still need bathed!!

Get off..

All dressed and ready to battle crime..


Once he gets the hang of the cape!!

A quick photo before we head to the party..

Now time for the party..

The cake supplied by Claire G (Cakes-a-go-go)

Jack is the first person to get his face painted by nana..

Jack fuller doing some Tree Fu magic!!

Starting to fill up..

Superhero running..

Ella getting the hang of the toys..

Ana, aka Spidergirl..

Nana in action painting Tom’s face..

Great selection of masks to choose from..

The racing has started..

Margaret has even been roped in..

What’s up boys..

Feeding time..

Birthday giggles..

Oldies gabbing..

Whats this coming?

The cake.. Big blow..

And they’re out..

Back to the bouncy castle..

Becca eating a tiny slice of cake!!

Jack F looking cool..

Vavee and baby Erin..

Daniel doing his commando crawl..

Vavee doing tricks, well sort of..

Aw man..

The tank..

Catch me if you can..

Chloe looking pleased with her party bag..

Jenny having a sneaky go..

Back home and time to open the pressies..  oh, spiderman..

Jack looking totally amazed at something.. Is it a bird, is it a plane, No it’s…

Superdad..  Wooosssshhh

Super hero tastic..

Check out the geese boys..

The old six pack is looking good..

Lots of cards..

Super hero bouncing on the trampoline..

Well, that was part 1 of the birthday weekend, Ella turns the big 1 tomorrow, so more to come..

One thought on “Jack’s 4th Birthday Party

  1. Well done Superdad and wasn’t that a stonker of a cake that Claire made for Jack! Fun and games all round…roll on Wednesday!.

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