Ella’s 1st Birthday

The 2nd day of our birthday weekend..  The wee woman turned one today..Lets go..

Coming down to see her presents..

I’m one..

A new baby dolly..

Meep meep..

Oh balloons..

What’s this?

Anyone for tea?

Just me then?

Some decorations made by Ash..

Jack happily playing with his toys from yesterday..

Now that I’m one I will just have to get ready myself..

Just have a quick play with Jack’s stuff..

We spent the afternoon in Carnfunnock Country Park, with Nana & Papa courtesy of Audi Belfast and their family day.

Jack on a ride..

Ash & Ella on the train..

Diane having a go at Laser clay pigeon shooting..

Jack even had a go a zorbing..

Is it ready yet?

And off we go..

Nearly up..

And back down again..

I’m going to get ya..

Having fun swinging about..

Eating a lollie..

Too much for Papa..

Time for the party..

Guests arriving..

Nana with the Birthday girl..

Gran with the Birthday girl..

Just have a quick drink..

What’s this coming?

A cake..


Yet another fabulous cake by Claire G (Cakes-a-go-go)

It was even soya and dairy free so Ella could eat it.. yummy..

Erin having a nosey..

Mum and Ella

A quick one with me..

hoking at the baby..


Jack chasing Hannah with a Nerf gun..

G G..

Now for some posing.. (taken by Ash)

Just chillaxing..

Lots and lots of cards and pressies..

Ash has been making a J & E for them both from buttons.. work in progress..

All in all a busy weekend and we still have Jacks official Birthday and our wedding anniversary on Wednesday  and Mum’s 60th next weekend..  busy busy.. Time for bed me thinks!! 🙂

One thought on “Ella’s 1st Birthday

  1. Ella really did have a fun day, as did you all by the looks of it…what a weekend you have all had and there’s more to come…phew!!

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