Jacks actual birthday

Jack has the same number of birthdays as a Queen, and today was his actual Birthday.

Pressies all set up and waiting..

He has spotted the balloon.


Ella wants a go..

Whats this?

A superman figure?

Just to go with 3 batmans and a baddy..

Ella happily eating jelly beans before breakfast!!

Grrrrrr, get open..

Oooh, a bat mobile from Ella..

And a great sister card..

Jackman card from Grandad..

Now out the back to see what Nana and Papa bought..

A slide..

And swings..  Wooooaaahhhh Jack, not tooooooooo Faaaassssstttt.

That’s better..

Here, where are you going?

Ash having a go..

More cards and pressies..

We went swimming this morning and then have a few people up for cake.. Ivan and Lynn got Jack a spiderman outfit..



Crazy hair herself..

Jack helping Kirsty make the car garage..

Now Ella wants in..

Vavee playing Ella teapot!!

Here comes the cake..


Big blow..

Jack with cake in his mouth..


more wrestling..

Vavee all set..

Batman fighting continues..

Ella starting her savings early..

Getting her lippy on..

Checky or what?

GG called in for a cuppa.

Ella about to go to bed..

Phew… it’s been a busy few days.. now all we have is mum’s 60th Party on Saturday..

One thought on “Jacks actual birthday

  1. Jack seems to have had a great birthday…so one day he’s Spiderman, next day Superman and following day Batman…or maybe he will be all three on the same day! I find it amazing that these characters are still as popular today as they were 60 years ago. Superman was my hero when I was Jack’s age although my cape was a tea towel tie around my neck with a piece of string! But I could still fly!
    Thanks for all the photos over the past days Adam…you really kept us in touch with all the celebrations.

    P.S. I take it Ella is walking now?

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