Time for hats and wellies

Well, it’s offical.. what little summer we had is long gone, so time to get the hats and wellies out..  As if it wasn’t wet enough Jack decided to make it a bit wetter..

Ella all set for winter..

Splish splosh..

Where’s Jack going?


I’m outa here..

Time for a go on the bikes and trikes..

Jack wins..

Jack’s turn to push Ella..

I’ll just have a quick spin on Jacks bike..

Look no hands..

Here I come..

Watch out dad..

Quick bike swap to splash through the puddles..


Jack all set to pick some apples..

Here mum, try some..

Baby yoga in full flow..

2 thoughts on “Time for hats and wellies

  1. Adam, your pictures are stunning and your kids are beautiful ;). I really enjoy your blog. How do you get the images to look so crisp? Is it the lens/camera or editing program ? I’m curious since I’m still a work in progress 😉 thank you

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