My Workflow

I use Adobe Lightroom 4.2 for editing and publishing my photographs.  I think I have quick and easy workflow and generally do not do lots of editing to my photos.  I can’t remember the last time I had to import a photo into Photoshop.  Here is a rundown:

  1. Import from CF card.  I shoot RAW.  I import my files using the following protocol.  I import in c:\lightroom photographs then make a subfolder based on date and description. As follows; 20121018_beach I set previews to 1:1 and just import.
  1. Once imported I will click on each image and view full screen and any that I get in focus and are good I rate as 1 star by tapping the number one on keyboard.
  1. I will then get lightroom to display only the rated photographs by using the filter in the bottom right corner.  Once this is done I go through each photo and crop / straighten them etc as required.
  1. Now I start to tweak the images, as I shoot RAW the images are basically flat when imported into lightroom, so I add some punch.  I apply my general Colour Pop preset to one photo and then sync the all photos.  I have uploaded it with a few other for download.  These work with LR4 only..

Let me know if they are any use to you.  I have added Black & white, Colour Pop, reset all, split tone and vignette.  They can be stacked and used together i.e apply colour pop, then vignette.. If you don’t like it just use the reset all one to get back to were you started.

  1. I will now take a run through my photos in the develop module and rate any photos for my blog with a 2 rating.  Then I display only 2 rated images and export them to my blog.
  1. I use an imagemagik plugin for exporting my images from here this adds my name to the bottom of each photo and creates a new blog post and inserts the images in order
  1. I then run through the new blog post online and add my witty comments!!! And hit publish.
  1. I can go from a few hundred photos to 20ish on my blog post in 10-15 mins..

Any questions just ask.


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