Halloween Party..


Ella doing a wee dance before everyone arrives..

Jack looking cool / grumpy..

Oh no, it’s a ghost..

I’m coming to get you..

Ella all dressed and happily eating grapes..

Yum yum..

No more..

Check out the slippers..

Jack putting everyones halloween buckets together..

Baby Erin having a crawl.. sort of..

Playing away..

Ella eating her dress!!

Baby Erin the witch..

Ivan and Erin..

Jumping too fast!!!

Now time to duck for apples..

Got one..

Me too..

Ella soaking Anna..

Sleepy Erin..

Fern eating her dinner

Anna giving Ella a helping hand..

Now time for party poppers..

Sol “the tank”..

Missie hoking..

The wolf.. Made by Ash.. great job honey.. 🙂

The girlies..

Where did everyone go..


Jack took these pics..

I tok this photo of jack while he was taking a photo of us.. he can just about lift the camera.. good job though..

Ella getting her rave on..

And a new hot water bottle before bed..

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