A Freezing trip to the park

A quick trip to Hazelbank to get the kids out of the house and see if my back will ease any.. First time out of bed in 2 days!! even if it was freezing..

Hmm, what shall we do today?

Not bothered..

Ah, a go on the swings.. Now, what’s Jack up to?


I want some of that action..

Where’s that slide..


Too much action for me, I’m outa here..

Quick, let’s go..

The getaway..

Huffing and a puffing..

In pursuit..

Dad, where are my hands?

No seriously..

I’m sure they’re in here somewhere..




Sun going down over Belfast..

Just 2 more minutes, please…


Hurry up..

Getting ready for the big descent..

All smiles..

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