Buddy the Elf

We had a very special visitor to the McAteer household today.  He is here right up until Christmas Eve.  His name is Buddy the Elf.  He has been sent by Santa to make sure Jack and Ella are behaving themselves.  He flies back to report to Santa every night!!!  This is a great way to keep them on their toes coming up to Christmas..

Ash doing the final prep last night..

Jack and Ella coming in to meet Buddy this morning..

Here he is, just watching over Jack and Ella and making sure they are good before Christmas..

Jack looking at him to see if he has moved!!


Reading the Elf on the shelf story..

Hug / wrestling move from Jack..

Ella reading the book..

The lovely Ash..

The ladies..

Ella trying to grad my camera with her mucky hands..

Buddy has moved again!! He is now in the kitchen to keep an eye on Jack & Ella..  No one has seen him move yet, he seems to do it when everyone is out!!

Ash on her phone..

Wonder where Buddy will move to tonight?

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