Christmas jammies

Just back from the doctors this morning as Jack has tonsilitis.. He seems happy enough once he is dosed up with Calpol..

Getting his antibiotics..

Hmm, yummy..


Time for new Christmas jammies..

Sully and Batman for Jack

Minnie Mouse and cow jammies for Ella.

Thanks mum..

Jack checking his out..

Ella trying to grab hers..

Away go the bottoms..

Come here Minnie..

Ah Ha..

Now I’ve got ya..

Awww, Minnie cuddles..

Hmm, what’s this?

Look dad, it’s very pretty..

Buddy the Elf has to go back to see Santa tonight, so he wrote Jack and Ella a letter saying he can be touched for a few minutes before he has to go..  He also left some midget gems, so the both of them have their mouths full!!!

I’ve got him..

I’m keeping him..

No.. Jack..

Please give him back..

Quick run..

A quick cuddle before he goes..

Ash taking it easy!!

Just of to Tesco now for some last minute essentials..

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