Happy new year..

Happy new year, well sort of.. Ella has the bokey bug..  Hasn’t hit the rest of us yet, so hopeully it will stay that way..  Wehave spent the last few dads stuck in the house, only venturing out to Tesco’s to get essentials..

She was in good enough form eating her brekkie on Sunday morning..


Right, I want out..

Homemade Grandad jam..

Jack being a grump..

That’s better..

Much better..

Ella and baby Annabelle..


Here I come..

Ssshhh I said..

Here she was yesterday putting a brave face on it.. Happily watching Octonauts with Jack..

Ella today!!

She is happy enought although wants to be drinking lots and eating too.  We tried one piece of pasta earlier but her belly didn’t like it..

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