A snowy weekend

It was snowing heavily on Friday night, we woke up on Saturday morning to no sign of snow what so ever.  Jack was full raging.. Although at least some more came on Saturday night..

Ella playing with the Ipad..

Ella eating her porridge in the hall!!

Jack & Fern playing..

The snow has started again..

Sunday morning, Ella cuddles..

Ella attacks..


Got ya..

Haha, this is fun.. excuse the snot / slabber combo..

Tickle tickle..

Batman vs Batbaby..


Batbaby is sleepy..

Now time for the men to do some work..

Jack preparing snowballs..

Here dad, catch..

Our wee snowman..

Here dad..


Get ready..


Looking sad..

A smiley face, that’s better..

Trampoline still works..

We went to mum’s for tea today.. Also saw baby Erin..

Playing away..


Jack all wrapped up..

More snow forecast for tomorrow, hopefully it will last a bit longer..

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