Dinner at Grandad and Marmar’s

Down to Grandad and Marmars for dinner this afternoon.  We took Erin along for the ride..

A quick phone pic before we left.. poor Jack squeezed in the middle..IMG_20130209_151417-1

Jack playing with his Octonauts..

Ella getting fueled up..

Erin, what about a smile?

That’s better..

Jack filling the eclairs with cream..

Grandad’s turn..

Hmm, a knife..

Ella hoking as usual..

Baby hug..

Now a headlock / hug combo..

Awwwww, lovely Erin..


Chocolate time..

Family fun..

And she’s off..

I’m coming for ya..

Ella power slamming Ivan..

How does this work..

Time for a story, all in their jammies..

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