Riding bikes and making pizza’s

The boys getting all set for a ride..

Jude playing it cool..

Get ready..


Jack was on his new big bike and it was his first time with no stabilizers.  He did a great job on it..

Ella having a go..

Whoops, heading towards Joel’s car..

Jude helping push Ella..

Off they go..

A quick wheelie..

Jude leaving Joel for dust..

Jack putting a bit of effort in..

Now time for  the trampoline..

Time for some cage fighting..

Ella having a quick swing.

The boys at each other!!

Innocent!!! yeah right!!

Pizza time..

Some of my special tomato sauce..

Time to load then up..

Jude / Batman ready to tuck in..


Ella happily banging the cupboard doors..

Preggers Claire..

Time for marble run..

One of the 5 pizzas..

Ella in the middle of it..

The boys racing in their jammies

Ella chillaxing on Claire before bed..

A good day and evening.. time for bed..

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