Sophia’s 4th Birthday

Off we went to Greyabbey this afternoon for Sophia’s 4th Birthday Party

Mayhem on the bouncy castle..

Micah looking good..

Tough job being a superhero..

Caleb the puppy..

Superb cake by Roberta

Ella sitting still while getting her face painted..

Ella with the bouncy castle to herself..

Feeding time..

The birthday girl helping out..

Jackman happy eating sarnies..


Here comes the cake..



Safe place to eat a rice crispie bun..

Time for some games..

Nearly a perfect circle..

Joel’s turn..

3 spidermen..

Looking keen..

Caleb’s turn..

Jack’s turn..

busy chatting..

Micah’s go..

Some unwrapping for the birthday girl..

Even Ella got some sweets.. Roberta was very well organised, pass the parcel had a layer of paper for every child with a bag of sweets inside too..

Time for one last bounce..

The birthday girl..

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