The start of garden fun..

I cut the grass for the first time today, so out we went for some fun..

Ella leading the way..

Jack looking happy..

Playing Octonauts..

On no, Ellie is on the tramapoline..

Ella getting some air..

And down we go.

Same for Jack..

Ellie playing popcorn with Jack..

Getting bounced everywhere..

Ella readying her steed..

Right dad, lets go..

Push, push..

Ellie, get off Jack’s bike..

Jack and Papa.. who will win..

Ella wanting a papa cuddle..


Ok, just a quick spin on Jack’s bike..

Getting some air..

Octoski getting thrown down the slide..

Now Jack..

And Ellie..

Swing time..

Nana out rounding up all the Octonauts before dinner..

Looking good in my hat!!

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