Mother’s Day Preparation

Some prep for mother’s day done this afternoon.  Jack decided he wanted to make Gran and Nana clay pots.. and then we had to paint a card for mummy..

First roll the clay intoa ball..

Then press a hole in the middle..

Ash the master, at work..

That’s it..

Ella making a blue lump..

Tada.. It’s a blue lump knifey thingy..


Now time for the mummy’s day cards.. paint is the chosen medium..

Jack painting a family portrait..

Ella painting the table!!

two busy bee’s

She’s doing good now..

Oh no..

Just as I cleaned it off, she tries another colour..

War paint!!

A bit more of this I think..

Just get the top off..

Jack wanted to match Ella!!


It’s on this hand..

And both hands..


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