Easter hunt fun..

Poor Jack is loaded with the cold.. but he felt up to making a quick trip around the garden to find some easter treats..

Easter hunt this way..
Come on Ella..

Where to Jack?

Oh, what’s this?

Easter treats.

More here..

That’s it, fill your Easter baskets..

More this way..

Woo Hoo.. Eggs..

Look dad..

Happy boy..

Ella stuffing her face..

More eggs..



And more..

Inside to see what we got..

Happy enough..


Look dad, I’m eating a sweet..

Look an egg.. ( this is Ella’s first ever egg.. dairy free too)

Look Jack..

I even got one..

Ella doing a smile with her eyes closed..

Give me a kiss..

Some homemade Easter decorations..

One thought on “Easter hunt fun..

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