Sun fun

First bit of decent weather this year so Jack spent the entire afternoon in the garden..

A quick spin on th etrampoline first..

Still cold enough for hats though..

Now to put him to work..

Dad this is hard work..


Dad just about to get jumped on..

Ella having a rest!!

OK, tag me.. I’m coming at you like a spider monkey..

Jack playing popcorn with me..

Dad and Ella are too much to handle..

Throwing his plane..

Off to grandads this afternoon for more fun..  A quick bit of tree climbing first..

Now, I’ll just tie this up..

That should do it!!

Seriously Jack, what are you doing?

Off exploring..


Give me it…

Right, just pull it up here a bit..

Give it back..


Hmm, wheres all the water..

That’s it mum, wind it up..

Right, thats it all in a nice coil..


Bob the builder in Action.. tool belt and all!!!

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