Birthday fun..

Well, I suppose it had to come around at some point.. today is my 35th Birthday..

The day got off to a good start as I got a lie in.. Then the two monkeys arrived fully undressed due to a wrestling match that had taken place downstairs..

Jack helped with the present unwrapping..

And Ella helped with the cards..

Jack tucking into a fry.. (I had already eaten mine at this point.. Thanks Ash)

More cards..

Downstairs now for some cake..

My helpers stepping up to the challenge..


yummy.. Ash made the cake dairy free so even Ella could enjoy it..

We then got the train into Belfast and went to see some acts at the “Festival of Fools”

Jack practicing for strictly by the looks of it..

Catch me if you can..

Ella’s turn..


Now time for a Birthday drink in the Duke of York..


Aahhh refreshing..

Jack snapped a photo or 100 of Ash and I.. check his reflection out..

More of the festival at Writer’s square..

Walking back to the train station..

Jack is like ” Ladies please”

Now huffing that I was taking his photo..

Time for a quick bounce before dinner, after all I’m in my prime!!

Great day, although I am actually getting old!!!!

9 thoughts on “Birthday fun..

    • Thank you, It’s not that hard to get them bright. Ash (my wife) was shooting most of the day as it was my birthday :-).. so I set the camera up for her as follows. D700 with 50mm f1.4 in Aperture mode at F/2, Auto ISO with minimum shutter of 1/100, spot metering with exposure comp of +0.3 stops, Auto WB.. That gets nearly all the shots right out of the camera. Then I apply a preset in lightroom to get them to pop a bit, maybe just adjust the exposure on single images as required.. I can upload the preset if you like..



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