BBQ fun

Everyone descended to Ivan and Lynn’s today for a BBQ.. what with it being summer and all..

Signe and Daniel..

Erin eating my camera strap..

Jack and Louis playing chasies on the trikes

Now time for some bubbles..

The boys at work.. Well Ivan anyway!!

Ooooh, what’s this?

Louis eating popcorn..

Jack close behind..

Some water for the Aquaplay..

Looks like fun..

Kirsty behaving like a child..

Come on auntie Nicki..

More childish behaviour..

Jack checking his tattoo..

Erin enjoying herself..

Women be chatting..

All the kids playing..

Gran with her girls..

The boys quenching their thirst..

Getting cold now that the sun has disappeared..

Erin beating strawberries with a stick!!!

Here it is.. Kirty’s 4 layer multicoloured jelly.. oooohhhhh

Kirst putting the final touches to her pavlova pancake!!

The tension mounts.. crowds gather..


Big louis getting beatings..

Everyone tucking in..

Great afternoon with the family..

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