Portugal 2013

We are just back this evening from our holiday to Olhos de Agua in Portugal..It was another great holiday, the

weather was mixed and cloudy for the first few days but was great at the end..  Sorry but it’s a monster 183

photo blog post..


It all starts off with a flight..

Patiently waiting for the bags..


Out for dinner with the Semples..

Post dinner beach racing..

Now time for some rock jumping..

Joel making some moves..

Time for me to test the water.. hhhmmm.. looks cold..

Here I go..


Jack in recovery mode..

Ash chillaxing..

Looking cool..

Some light refreshment for me..

Joel taking us all the way to a shut restaurant


Cool dude..

Time for some quad biking..

Jack had to change his as his battery died..

Some more refreshment..

Time for a trip on the train..

Come here..

I’m telling you Jude, it was this big..

Right boys, where are you..

Out for dinner..

Dinner served in a roof tile..

The Semples..


More post dinner racing..

Jack hard at work..

Time to relax..

Time for forts on the beach..

Give me some crisps..

Jack hard at work..

Oh no, the water is coming..

It’s a bit choppy..

This is the moment that Jack’s spade broke..

Aw man..

Of the the Loule market on Sat morning..

Into the stocks for the naughty boys..

Jack getting ready for battle..

Another small refreshment..


Would you like a sweetie?

Jack juicing his oranges..

Off for dinner again..



Jenny being lazy and making Joel feed her..

Jack and I out on adventures with his catapult..

Too cloudy today, I’m outa here..

Just chillaxing..

Back to the beach, better weather today..

Seriously dad, it’s freezing..

I’m not getting in..

OK, I’m ready..

More forts..

Bring it on sea..

Hard at work!!

Time for a channel..

Ah, sorbet for Ella..


Beach is busy today..

The adventure area opposite the apartment..

Even Ash is in the pool..

All set..



Jack wrestling a croc..

They are all hard at it!!!

Taxi to Albuferia..

Ella wanted a go on the quads today..

More ice creams..


Back to the pool..

McAteer family photo..

No messing..

Stop it..

Down to the beach after tea on our last night..

Come on dad..

Jack took this lovely pic..

The pools from the rooftop..

Still hard at it today!!

Us off to the airport.. Boo..

Great holiday, pity we are back to 10c and rain.. Boo..

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