Mr Bloom in Bangor and more water fun!!

We went down to see Mr Bloom this morning in Bangor.  Great show and the kids really enjoyed it.

Mr Bloom

Jack with his hand up wanting to tell Mr Bloom that we grow peas in our garden..

Even I enjoyed it!!

Look, over there..

A wiggly worm coming out of Compo..

Plenty of stuff to do outside at the Bangor Fun day.  Meet Paul and his Jackdaw..

Feeding time..

Oh no..

He took a liking to me..

And my ears and sunglasses!!

ha ha..

Jack holding a mouse..

We called into the walled garden on the way back..

No running!!

Ella fell asleep on the way home and remained so even when lifted out of the car!!

Jack begged for the water slide again..

eyes shut..

Ha Ella, take that!!

Oh Dear..


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