Port B in the sun

Off we went to Port B for an inpromtu mini break for a couple of days. I was in the middle of painting

the house, but sure.. it will be waiting for me when we get back..

A bit of climbing at the park..

Bounce bounce..

Up this morning in the sun..  ah bliss..

Jack and his new firned Rose..

Ella pimping in Roses glasses..

A wee dander..

Broom broom..

Jack on someones flicker..

Just chillin..

Dollie getting a cuddle..

A quick trip to Bushmills for water balloons..

Yummy fruit..

All loaded and ready to go..

Surf’s up..

Me and Jack out for some rock jumping..

Time for a trademark McAteer sand castle..

Ella wrecking..

Dad, come on..


Woo hoo..

More surfing..

Now time for some kite flying..


The beach..

Off out after tea for some crab fishing..

Where are they?

The fella behind me got 8!! we got none.. We had a couple of bits, but they fell off before we got them up..

A dad scooter taxi for a tired Jack..

Ella in a little tikes truck..

It’s been a great few days and only one more left.. then back to DIY and work next week..

4 thoughts on “Port B in the sun

  1. Where do you all get the energy from? Methinks you are eating Duracell’s for breakfast!
    Lovely to see everyone enjoying the great weather…just think Adam rollers and paint brushes after this lot!

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