The never ending mini break

We came to Port B for one night on Tuesday, but have managed to blag ourselves a few extra days.. sweet

The great weather continued today so off to the beach we went..

Jack with his scooter in the sea!!

Base camp.. the ladies relaxing..

Now off to hunt for crabs!!

No crabs but some tiny fish..

Everyone out for a look..

Sharing the net!! for once..

Jack mid jump..

Time for long jump practice..

Ash having a go..

Dad taking the gold..

A big run up..

Oooohhh fish..

The boys chillaxin..

The wader..

Ash in the water!!! for once and not a shark in sight..

Happy playing..

Oh no, a wave..

Ash took Ella for a walk and the boys went to the harbour to catch crabs.. First off we caught a fish..

Then the crabs came..

Nip nip.. we got three in total..

Time to let them go..

A quick go to the park after dinner..


The climber..

Jack in his jammies on someone elses bike..

We do have to go home tomorrow evening.. the DIY awaits

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