A misty start to a fab last day

It was our last day up north today and it got off to a misty start.. Jack and I took a quick scoot to the

beach to see what it was like.

Limited visibility..

Ah, that’s better.. super clear and bright by lunch time.. of to the Nook we go..

Nice beach, we will be having some of that later..

The new Giant’s Causeway visitors centre..

The Nook..

Jack happy in the shade..

Ella happy messing..

Dad happy drinking and eating..

Ella happy huffing in a ball!!

Jack and I went for a nosey onto the roof of the new centre..

To the causeway..

Great for hiding..


The girlie’s waiting..

A monkey hanging about!!

To the beach..

Looking good..

Jack running away from waves..

Skinny dipping before the got their wetsuits on..

Splish splash..

Sitting waiting for waves..


OMG here comes one..


Dumb and dumber..

Big waves now..

Time for me to have a go at this body boarding lark..

A nice dip in the refreshing water..

Time for another fort..

Jack on the lookout..

uh oh..

Save as houses..

ooohhh, close one..

Back home now..  we will all sleep tonight!!!

2 thoughts on “A misty start to a fab last day

  1. A pint with a s scone! Don’t know where your taste buds lie!

    Great photos though and what a great spell you had away…rollers and polyfilla now!

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