Ella turns 2

Although Ella’s actual Birthday is tomorrow we were having the party today so also did all the pressies etc too..

All set for wee woman..

Sweetie trees..

One for Jack too..


Ella and her baby..

Give me that..

Here they come..

Happy girl..


Now onto the presents..

Baby getting wrapped in a blanket that Ash knitted for her..

Oohh, a jigsaw book..

What’s this..

A new doll, complete with dummy..

Here you go baby..

Time for a spin..

Meep Meep..



Look dad..

Good children eating a normal breakfast before all the sweets..

Ella, you feed baby under here!!

Ha Ha..

Off to St Georges Market for a nosey before the party..

Eating sorbet.

Tickle tickle..

Back home for more pressies..


The superb cake made by Ash and Claire G..

Mum matching the balloons..

Out in the garden for some fun..

Getting busy..

Dinner time..

Getting busy..

Great gran, Ella and Nana..

Everyone enjoying their ice creams..

Jack back up there again..

Jack Fuller having a blast..

Erin digging up my raised bed..

Too much for Papa Norm..

Some family pics..

And Jack Mac too..

Who’s coming now..

The Fullers..

Get down..

Isabella and Erin having fun..

Ben and Eilidh..

John and Rach..

Lynn getting the old McAteer half Nelson from Ivan..

Ella and baby having a slide..

Aaaaahhhhhh.. A bit too fast me thinks!!

Baby getting her nummy..

Ellie is far too old for that!!

John getting smoked by Jack F..

Gemma and Ivy..

Gran and Erin..


Here it is..

and blow..

And again

Full house..

The poor mouse has lost his ear..

Yum yum..

Ivy having a ball on the trampoline.. Definitely the next purchase for the McCarey’s

More pressies..

What is it?

Loads of Build-a-bear stuff from Hannah..

Time for some stickers..

A great day was had by all.. Thank you everyone who came and thanks for all the gifts.. It’s Jack’s

Birthday on Thursday so it’s the same again next week.. bring it on.. 🙂

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