Jack’s 5th Birthday Party

The never ending week of Birthdays has come to an end, and what an end it was..  Jack coming

down to see what is in store for him today

A load of balloon swords for his party

And a new pencil case and ruler for school..

Banners in place..

Dinosaur balloons

A quick go on the Hot Wheels track..

And the cake, another superb Job from Ash (with help from Claire G)

Batman and the Lego policeman

The Joker in jail..

Ella pulling some moves during breakfast


Playing cars with Jack..

Jack being a cat..

More Lego, Ella with her Duplo

It’s arrived!!!

A quick test run by the monkeys

Seems good..

People starting to arrive..

Joel doing some “testing”

Please form an orderly queue..

Full length shot of Diane as always 😉

Kids getting the swing of it..


Me getting mauled by 12 kids..

Feeding time..

Time for pass the parcel..

Owen looks happy..

Ella’s go..

Rebecca next..

Here you go mum..

Jack wins.. surprise surprise!!

Here comes the cake..

Big blow..

All done..

Patiently waiting for the castle to inflate..

Time to pin the tail on the “snow tiger”

Goof work Jack fuller..

Erin and Ella sizing each other up..

Erin sliding..

Ironman (thanks Jack F)

Loads more pressies..

Ironman & Batman..

Ironman can fly..

And land..

Uncle Rhys doing the first forward role of the day..

Having fun?

Ella’s go..

Ash having a quick slide

Mum deep in chat..

Jack on his new Electric go-kart custom made by Ivan..

More cake blowing out..

Uncle Nigel wants a go..

More cards and presents..

Phew, it’s been a busy week.. 2 Birthdays, 4 parties and a wedding Anniversary.. Bring it on next year!!

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