Jack’s first day in P1

Today was a big day for the McAteer household, It was Jack’s first day at Primary School..

All set..

After Jack got dressed we went outside for some photos, Jack said he wanted a few on the trampoline!!

A quick swing for the wee monkey..

Now for a few poses..

Coming at ya..

I set the tripod up to get a Team McAteer shot..

Jack in charge of the remote..

Playing guns..

He swung the tripod round to take pictures of himself in the trampoline!!! little imp..

Quick Jack, hide the remote..

That’s better..

Big bro and little sis..

Even the build-a-bear has her uniform on!!!


We walked him round to school and he went in no probs.. He even came out after and said

“mummy, I really loved it”

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