Picking blackberries

Down to Grandad & Mar Mars today for dinner and some blackberry picking..

Lead the way..

And the rest will follow..

Look dad..

SShhhhhh, there is a dog in the garden..

That’s not a dog..

I bet I could jump right into the middle of that..

Baby moo’s..

All the girls..

Jack was getting tired..

Ladies.. and Amy too..

There’s the doggy..


Time for some blackberry picking.. Luckily all of the blackberries live in the corner of the garden..

Loads for the picking..

Jack working away..

Ella checking the results..

Everyone helping..

Grandad and Ella comparing tongue blueness..

Still at it..


Got ya..

Come here..

Ah ha, dead meat now..

As my D300 quit during the week, all of the above were shot with a wee Nikon D70s and 35mm f/1.8 lens..

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