A Walk in Portrush

We headed up the north coast today for a birthday party and then went for a wee dander along

the west strand beach in Portrush..


Jack in flat out mode!!

Looking excited to get on the beach..

Too excited..

Little miss butter wouldn’t melt..


Nana and Papa going for a dander..

Oh no.. water..

That’s a bit close..


I went back to the car and got their wellies..

Comparing stone sizes..

Still dandering..


The girls..

Chucking stones..

Ash having a go at the shot put..

Wellies have now been taken off due to overflowing water!! Ella kept hers on even though she got

a soaking too!!

Ahhh, freezing..

Jack’s huffy face because he wanted to climb up to the railings!!

The girls had to take the slow way back..

These two nut jobs were in swimming!!!

At least your jeans stayed clean.. no wait!!!

Full strip down required back at the car and jammie bottoms on for the trip home..

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