Down to Diane & Norms for tea today, little did we know that papa had the best conker tree in

the corner of the garden.. So good infact that Jack called it “conkerland”

Plenty already..


Ella tidying them up..

Time to get the high ones..

Cammy on the sauce!! It is his 21st..

What’s happening now..

Drilling conkers..

Looks very interesting..

Ella helping..

All chuffed..

Diane on the rip!!

Check out this bad boy dad..

Happy with his choice..

Mug shot..

Ollie the dog came for dinner, along with the Edgars..

Tickle tickle..

Oh no.. dog..

Quick run..

Is he gone yet?

Ollie doing stunts..

Time for business..

Check out mine moving soo fast it’s just a blurry mess..

A birthday cake for Cammy..

Camera Info

Camera – Nikon D70s

Lens – Nikon 35mm F/1.8

Aperture – F/1.8

S’speed – 1/250

ISO – 200

WB – Custom..

2 thoughts on “Conkers

  1. Conkers…that’s an English name for horse chestnuts. In Norn Iron they are called ‘Cheezers’! When playing ‘cheezers’ if you get your string entangles with your opponents string then that is called a ‘clinch’ and the person who got ‘clinched’ was then allowed an extra ‘go’. Nice conkers by the way. Did you know that conkers are supposed to deter spiders!

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