Belfast fun

Oh no, what’s he been up to?

Playing in the Christmas lights while everyone was in bed!!

Off into Belfast this afternoon for a nosey, dinner then the cinema..

Jack, Look at the lights


How do I get this thing off..

Dad, check my sweet out.. AAaaaaahhhh

Me too, Aaaaahhhh

Here Ella, I’ll help you..

Give me it Jack..

Check out the I heart sprouts badge.. It is Christmas after all..

Ella, where’s the camera..


4 storey Christmas tree in Victoria Square

Me chasing Jack and wiping out Ella in the process..

Good save dad.. (no children were hurt in the taking of this photo)

Happily colouring in Nandos.. Full Fro hair today!!

Jack happy too..

Busy Busy..

Victoria square in empty now.. phew..

Still plenty of energy..

City hall all lit up..

Royal Ave..

Home and bed for the wee ones..

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