Christmas morning

Christmas Jammies last night..

Buddy the Elf left a note to Jack & Ella..



The man himself..

Here they come..

Jack has seen Bailey the dog..


Talking ben..

For one day only you are allowed to touch buddy the Elf..

Big hugs..

A photo by Ella..

Chillaxin watching Peppa Pig..

Straight hair..

Jack all set..

Santa has been and left lots of pressies..

Ella’s Stash

Jack’s stash..

Christmas morning at 7.20am.. not too bad..

Stockings first upstairs..

Tom and Jerry books..

Whats in here?

Sweets for brekkie..

Time to head downstairs..

Jack and his wee dog!!

Here we come..

What’s that Ella?

Time to get unwrapping..

A doll.. WooHoo..

Time for bed..

Yeah, a Dinosaur..

Ella is quite good at pressie opening..

A turbo man..

A Peppa pig bag for Ella..

Oh, what’s this..

A magnetic chalk board..

Jack giving a pressie to mum..

A wee whisper..

What is it?

A lovely scarf..

Thanks darling..

Perfume.. wonder what it smells like?

That nice..

Lego technic from Ivan, Lynn & Erin..

Here dad.. get her built..

Here mum have a spray..

What’s this?

A lovely helmet from Ivan, Lynn and Erin..

Some pressies for dad..

Ooooohhh, a wireless charging pad for my phone.. sweet


Designer veg.. purple carrots and stripy tomatoes..

More pressies..

A super hoody from Kirst & Mark..

Happy with her books..

A fancy dress..

Time for lego building..

Getting ready for church.. with a pair of nun chunks..

Ella being a good girl getting her hair done..

Stay tuned for part 2..

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