More sleepover fun

It was the 4th sleepover in a row for the McAteers over Christmas, this time it was at Dad & Margie’s house.

Off for a walk to feed the ponies..

Come on girlies..

There they are..

Some cluck clucks too..

Time for a nibble on a few carrots..

Now a quick play..

Come on up Jack..

Woo Hoo..

Feeding done, what’s next..

More walking, but where to?

Always time for a puddle splash..

Having fun..

Stomp stomp..

Lets go girls..

Time to see the Moo cows..

Back home for some chips in newspaper before dinner..


Time for tea..

Now time for horsey’s and the water splash..

Splash splash splash..

Now for the toddler disco..

Up bright and early the next morning for more fun..


Playing dollies..

Throwing glow sticks up and down the stairs..

One last pressie..

Home now after our 4 day sleepover extravaganza.. Phew.. Knackered/

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