Papa Norm turns 60

Well, it had to happen at some point.. Norman turns the BIG 60 tomorrow on the 2nd January 2014..

I know it’s hard to believe that he is even a day over 45, but it’s true..

What better way to celebrate than to get beaten by everyone at 10 pin bowling.

Norm’s first bouncer..

Cammy on form..

Ella’s go..

Going good Ella..

Oh yeah..

Jack firing it up..

Ella looking on in disbelief..

Dad, check it out..

Diane looking a bit disappointed..

Cammy too..

Here I go..

OOOhhhhh, robbed..


Time for a quick slide after bowling.  Ella holding everyone up.. she is only wee..

Jack had to go down with her as it was a bit massive..


And again..

And another

Great fun..

Jack finally gets a slide by himself..

Then off to the Bureau for dinner.. Norm surprised that we had a 60 balloon in public!!

Birthday kiss..

Reading his cards..

Mum and daughter

Thirsty work..

Birthday hugs / assasination attempts..

Now onto Cammy..

Jack playing Tic tac toe on the phone.. Ella looks very interested..

Oh no, here comes the cake.. more proof!!! oh dear..

Great fun this afternoon and a good way to finish the Christmas holidays..


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